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Welcome to our 20th edition of the Buena Vista Yellow Pages, the Hispanic Guide to Idaho!

Due to the increasing growth of the Hispanic population in Southern Idaho, we offer the Hispanic Guide to Idaho. The tremendous buying power of this population allows Buena Vista Yellow Pages to offer complete advertising for businesses, and also important information and resources to Idaho Hispanics.

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Autos en Ventas

Phil Meador

  • These books are delivered through and extensive network of approximately 1,100 locations including 400 private magazine stands, local businesses, schools, churches and social centers.
  • Our goal is to provide a full-scale presentation of businesses and services throughout the community.
  • If the Hispanic community fits your marketing demographics, or you wish to provide a public service to that market, we can offer you assistance.
  • Buena Vista Yellow Pages is offering typesetting and design, plus complete and accurate Spanish translation.
  • Buena Vista Yellow Pages can give you a specific advertising placement in our directory to best suit your needs.

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Boise Hawks

Relyea Funeral Chapel